Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm still calling this a White Christmas.

So what if the snow didn't actually show up till the day after Christmas? 

Usually if we're going to get snow, it waits till January.  Getting snow this close to Christmas is awesome.  Such is the life of a beach kid.  I just hope the forecast is right and we get even more tonight.

Another upside to the beautiful snow is that we weren't able to leave for Myrtle Beach today.  Instead of being there today till Tuesday, we're going Thursday-Saturday.  Myrtle Beach is way cooler at New Year's.  My grandma's timeshare is right on the beach, and no matter how cold it is, a bunch of people go out on the beach and shoot off fireworks for over an hour.  We go to Dick's Last Resort and then come back and listen to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and watch the ball drop.  If this year is half as nice as last year, I'll be absolutely stoked.

I plan on scheduling posts to go up one a day while I'm gone.  Partially because I want to do another year in review like I did last year, and partially because I want to get to 365 posts for this year just so I can say I did it, and I have to have one post a day till the end of the year in order to do that. :)

I want to post pictures from yesterday, but Blogger isn't cooperating with me. Those will be up ASAP.  For now, I am going to stay snuggled up in my warm bed, finish watching The Sound of Music, and then take a nice, long, hot shower. :)

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