Thursday, December 2, 2010

My (Not Exactly) Reading Day

Today is December 2nd, the day Campbell devoted to giving students the chance to spend the day reading and studying for the final exams that start tomorrow.

You wanna know what I did for my Reading Day?

I woke up at 10 to check the results for the World Cup 2018 and 2022 hosts. (Stupid Qatar, who wants to go to the Middle East where they have 130 degree summers?)
I went back to sleep till 11:55.
I ate lunch.
I texted my uncle.
I emailed my friend JD.
I went back to sleep till 4 because I got a headache.
I ate.
I surfed the web.
I did my laundry.
I had a very interesting conversation with JD.
I took a shower.
And now I've watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

However, in case you want to go all Mom on me right about now, I will review my notes for my Intro to Christianity exam as soon as Private Practice is over.  I haven't studied today a) because I just didn't want to and b) because I'm not stressed about it because it's not cumulative and I got 98, 93, and 96 on the first three tests in this class.

:)  Good night.

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