Sunday, December 12, 2010

Possible Changes

Well, one thing is for sure - things are never boring in this family.

I was just talking to Mom and found out Holly got fired from her job because she had stayed up all night studying for an exam, took the exam, and then took a nap planning to get up for work and overslept.

Mom told me and my grandma that she is trying to convince her to move to Campbell full time and just focus on school. This is mostly because it's going to be near impossible for her to find a new job now because restaurants go down to their lowest number of employees in the winter.

Holly said that she was already thinking about this for next fall, but now with getting fired, it's a real possibility for next semester because she can't pay her half of the bills with no job.

The good news is that, since she's 23 and really doesn't want to move back into a dorm (which I understand), she can try to live in a university apartment. And I'm fairly positive that the university apartments my friend Kari lives in allow dogs, so she wouldn't have to send her dog Jax here to live with Mom. And she doesn't really want to live with some strangers, so I told her I'd get a 2-bedroom apartment with her if there's one free.

I'm actually kind of excited about the idea! And I'm really, really proud of my sister for keeping her head in the game about school and stuff. Trying not to get too excited, though, because obviously nothing is decided.


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