Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A divine encounter? Or just plain weird?

Okay, so this afternoon, I was sitting here looking at Facebook, and all of a sudden, there was a knock at my door. I opened it, and there was a little girl, age 2 I'd guess, standing there. Another girl who was walking down the hallway told me that the little girl's mom was in the back lobby, so I tried to lead the girl to go back to her mom.

Then, the mom opened the door to the lobby. I said her little girl knocked on my door, and the mom just laughed and told the little girl to say hi. Then she said, "Wait, she knocked on your door?" And I said yes, and she said "Can I pray for you?" I said, "Oh, I just had foot surgery, this chair isn't that big of a deal or anything" thinking she was concerned about me being in a wheelchair. Then the lady said, "Oh, she's anointed, and if she knocked on your door, then God led her to you. So can I pray for you?" And I was just like "Uhhh, sure?" (Because really, how are you supposed to respond to that?)

Then she started praying. Her prayer initially consisted of saying God every other word, and then she started talking in some language that I didn't understand. Meanwhile, she was holding my hand and the little girl had her hand on my leg. Right there in the middle of my dorm hallway.

When she finished, I asked her what language she was speaking, thinking it was some African dialect or something because she was African-American. And she responded, "Oh you didn't understand it? It's not for you to understand. It's not for me to understand. It's the Holy Spirit speaking to God (as a side note, according to my Religion teacher, that's impossible since God is the Holy Spirit). So it's okay that you didn't understand it." And then she just left, like it's all no big deal.

I was laughing about this for like an hour. And then I started to think, "Wow, I'm gonna feel like an idiot if I get to heaven and find out that I missed a miraculous, extraordinary message from God just because I had a hard time believing He chose to send it to me through a 2-year-old in my college dorm hallway."

Hmmmmm...........what do you think? A special message from God? Or just creepy? :)


  1. That is pretty darn random and I would have thought exactly the same as you.
    Like you, I would also think perhaps there is something behind it, as bizarre as it was.
    You will probably remember this for a long time!
    Strange though and props for not cracking up during the prayer!

  2. Speaking in tongues, as she was doing, is praying the will of the Father, without our human thoughts or emotions swaying our prayers. We don't know what we are praying, but the Bible says we are praying the perfect will of God into our lives and the lives of those around us. Take it! :) It is a gift of the Holy Spirit. And the Spirit and God may be the same, but they are also different. In the beginning of the Bible (Genesis), "they" said, "Let US make man in OUR image." So they are the same and they are different. Confusing huh!? That's why He is God and we are not! :)

  3. http://bible.org/article/speaking-tongues

    great article that brings out alot of biblical truths about speaking in tongues. I am sure you will find it interesting.