Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Dance

My cough was even more painful today, but I'm hoping that means the antibiotic and the Mucinex are starting to break up all the crap in my chest.

No, my grades haven't been posted yet, so that's not why I'm doing a happy dance. (or wish I could do one, sick people + dancing = even more pain)

The reason I'm so happy tonight is because I had an extremely eye-opening, sincere, wonderful talk with Matt today.

Any concern I had that he isn't really my friend (like has happened so many times in my past) was completely blown out the window. He told me at least six different times in six different ways that no matter what anyone, be it peers or my family, says or does, he's not going anywhere. That is, "unless I try to kill him or something." ;)

He made (and makes!) me feel so loved, so appreciated, so normal (as weird as that sounds). He told me that he doesn't see me as the nerd or the girl with all the medical problems, like everyone else does, and that he likes who I am because I'm an "intelligent person who actually has something to say" and he'd "rather hang out with me than anyone else he knew in high school."

He reminded me that just because other people didn't like to talk to me, that doesn't mean that it's my fault. That he's not like everyone else, and that if he has a problem with me, he'll tell me, so I never have to wonder where I stand with him.

And for the first time in...I don't know how long, possibly ever, he actually said the full "I love you, too, Mallory". In the past, I've always said it first, and he'd reply a mumbled "love you too". But this time, in fact with this whole conversation, I feel like I really got sincere, pure, honest emotions out of him. Like he meant every single word he said.

Words can't describe how it makes me feel to know that my best friend, the one person I trust in this world (yes, I trust him more than my family) and the one person who makes me feel appreciated and needed, isn't going anywhere.

P.S. You wanna know what it takes to consider yourself really in with this family? Get yourself invited to a holiday dinner, something usually reserved for just family. ;) Yes, this kid comes to either Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner (and some years it's been both!). That's special.

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