Thursday, December 23, 2010

God's Greatest Gift to Me

This kid?

Is God's greatest gift to me. 

Without question.

Long story short - today sucked.

Chelsea harassed me, made fun of me, and was an all-around jerk to me until I finally snapped.

That's nothing new, I know.

What was new was that instead of standing up for me when she was going at me for no reason, Mom waited until I snapped and then screamed at me right in my face like everything was my fault.

Because apparently I'm not supposed to get angry at anyone or anything.

(Please tell me how that's human or natural.)

Anyway, what this has to do with Matt is the fact that he came over tonight for dinner and we were able to sit in my room and talk.  He listened to me, something I can't get from anyone in this family.

Just as important, he reminded me that I'm not crazy for being upset at the way that I'm treated around here most of the time.

That is why he's my best friend.  I can talk to him like no one else.  He listens to me.  We trust each other.  And he makes me feel sane, safe, and protected.

Thank you God for sending a person like him into my life.

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