Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mom just doesn't get it.


I love my mother dearly, you all know that by now, but...

there are just some things she's never going to get about me.

Matt came by today to pick up his book (which he loved, by the way!).  He stayed for a bit and played with Blake, and we went and picked up Taco Bell for everyone, and it was just nice.

After he left, I mentioned something to Mom about how it's so cute to see any guy with a baby - because let's face it, it just is!!  And somehow she turned that into a rant on how I have "such a terrible crush on Matt" and I "just need to get over it before I lose him" because "friendships are so much harder to keep than real relationships".

*slams head*

Like I don't want to get over him.  Like I don't know that my friendship with him is valuable.  Like I'm not clearly aware of the fact that having feelings for him is pointless right now. 

But what's worst of all is that, as observant as my mother is, she hasn't figured out that this is so much more than a crush...

This is why I can't talk to my mother about anything.  She takes whatever I say to her and either ignores it, gets irritated by it, or trivializes it and treats me like a 13-year-old.

I would hope that after all she's seen me deal with in my life, she'd realize that my emotional maturity is a lot higher than she gives me credit for.

I'd tell her I'm in love with him, but I'm afraid she'd laugh in my face.

Okay, she may not laugh, but I know she'd blow me off and give me some cliché response of "I'm too young/naive/inexperienced to know what love is", or something to that effect.

I don't need any more clichés. I'm tired of clichés.  What I need is some support, some understanding....

Which I don't really think should be that too much to ask from your mother.

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  1. I truly believe that moms especially still see us as high school little girls. It's hard...I know...trust me.
    I think your relationship seems really sweet if you ask me.
    I am though, curious as to how his girlfriend feels about the relationship and closeness you guys have.
    I am not insinuating anything other than I know how crazy some girls are and from what you said before about her, she seems a bit like a looney tune.
    I've recently learned to just nod your head when your mom says something crazy and NOT helpful and let it just go in one ear and out the other. It is very helpful!