Saturday, August 2, 2014

I understand it now.

Oh, how things can change so quickly in 24 hours.

Last night, I was pretty much a ball of stress.  As evidenced by my blunt blog post.  All that was in my head was questions of how we were going to get everything done with the amount of money that we have in the time frame that we have.

Tonight, I feel peace.  God has proven Himself so faithful and I just have this refreshed confidence that everything is going to work out.

A friend from our local church showed up with a check for $900 to go towards our move which can at least partially go towards paying Mom's bills for the month since she has spent so much money on stuff we need she doesn't have money for her bills.

We have the to-do list and everything seems so much more manageable when you can see it all on one sheet.  Plus, Mommom is helping us by giving a trip to Sam's Club and the commissary so we can get some big things and non-perishables down here where it's cheaper than expensive NYC.

We got all of Mom's stuff out of her old classroom, which means we don't have to go anywhere near that school again and the awful new principal that is basically the reason she doesn't have a job right now.

We figured out how we're going to get Holly and all her stuff home.  And she'll be home Monday night instead of Wednesday like we thought.  Which gives two more days for us to have her help and spend time with her.

We got the moving truck booked. (It's really happening!)

And just now, we found out that there's a job opening at a school that is 20 minutes or less away in a county Mom hasn't been black-listed in yet (nothing of her doing, promise) that would be so perfect for Mom if she could get it.  And that would take a million stressors off the table because Mom would have a job and with a job comes health insurance and all those benefits.

Things are working out.  It's gonna be okay.  We've never been starving or homeless before now.  We'll figure it out.  It'll get done.  I'll get to New York.

Of course, we need to deal with that pesky Chelsea problem, but that's a blog post I don't want to get into...

I really do understand the phrase "peace like a river".  As silly as it sounds, I keep thinking about rivers and the peace that I imagine when I think of their gentle flowing.  I know I'm a cheese ball, but it actually makes sense now.

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