Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Heat Wave. And some exciting news!

I'm sorry but nobody told me that when I moved nearly 600 miles northward, I'd still be getting 90 degree days and constantly look like I'd just taken a bath in a grease pit any time I left my apartment.  I can get all that in North Carolina! Like literally, it got hotter here than it did in Swansboro.  THAT IS SO NOT COOL.

God bless Frigidaire air conditioning units.  Amen.

I did a lot of walking today.  I had to go back to the same building that I was at yesterday for orientation to meet with my adviser.  I registered for classes today!  And I love my adviser.  He's very friendly and personable and sounds eerily like Professor Jeremiah Lasky from Saved by the Bell.  Granted, I did have the subway for part of the trip, but even the subway part involved lots of stairs and transferring lines.

And then tonight I went to an event with the church.  Two girls got baptized so they had a dinner and a little service.  I love this church.  SO much.  But that was also a 7.5 block walk one direction.  And the distance between avenues is HUGE compared to the distance between streets.  I could barely make it up the stairs by the time I got back to my apartment.  I seriously hope that my body will get used to the physicality of city life here soon because this is really rough on me.

But I also got some exciting news today.  Remember Jon Jorgenson and the Anima Series?  I've posted several of their videos and written responses to them here on my blog.  Well, Jon has asked me on behalf of the whole team over at Anima to do some behind the scenes work for them.  My job is to transcribe the videos and input the transcription into Youtube so that they will have subtitles.  And then once I get through the English subtitles, I'll start on Spanish, but thankfully several of those are done because they have bilingual fans.  And who knows, maybe then I'll go on to French!  But I don't want to get ahead of myself with classes coming up.  Hopefully I will be able to get through the English subtitles for all of the videos before my first class next Wednesday morning.  I got four done today, and I think there's 61 videos.  I plan on taking it easy tomorrow though because my body is still pretty aching from the fall, so hopefully I can knock about 10 out.

Honestly, though, I'm just so excited and honored that he asked me to help.  They really have no idea how much their work has helped me, and so to not only get to give back to them by doing these transcriptions for them, but also to get to maybe help others who will come across these videos and be in need of the subtitles and really just pay it forward?  I grin big time just thinking about it.

For now though, I am going to bed because I am absolutely beat from this physically hard day.

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