Sunday, August 10, 2014

No Philly cheesesteak is worth 18 dollars.

This was another unpacking day.   Holly slept late because she was so exhausted so Mom and I went and got a pizza from a place across the street.  It was okay, nothing spectacular, but I was pretty surprised that the price was fairly comparable to NC.

We had to deal with girls coming in and out to look at the other bedroom (this place is rented by the bedroom, so we HAVE to get a roommate) which was rather interesting since the place was not totally put together, but luckily it was easy to understand since we just moved in yesterday.

That evening, we ventured over to the original legendary Katz’s Deli that is only about a block and a half away.  The food was good, but not worth the high prices we paid, so it was more of the type of thing where you go once just for the experience, you know?  It was especially cool for Mom and Holly because part of the classic movie When Harry Met Sally was filmed there and they love that movie.  I should probably watch it sometime.

Time Warner Cable can’t come hook up our cable and wifi until Saturday, but Holly and I together have a sizable DVD collection, so the three of us watched Chicago tonight.  I’ll never tire of that movie.

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