Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I forgot.

I passed out cold from exhaustion this night and completely forgot to blog for the first time in...a while, so here's to catch up!

The day started out at 9 am when I called the hair salon as soon as they opened because I wanted to know as soon as possible if they could possibly fit me in at all.  Luckily, one lady had an appointment open at noon.  I wanted to go back to sleep until 10:30 because I hadn't slept much, but couldn't.  Mom and I left at 11:20.  I went to go fax a letter to NYU, we picked up medicine for Mom.  And then I got the hair cut.

After that, we went shopping.  We stopped by Big Lots and found a couple big mixing bowls that match our dishes and Mom got some new glasses.  Then we went to Furniture Fair and instead of a futon like we planned, got an actual couch on clearance.

And then we came home and got the neighbors' son who was over there to help unload the couch and the AC units Mom and her boyfriend picked up the night before.

And then Chelsea and Blake came over because she brought over some boxes she collected from her work and that turned into a multi-hour saga because...that's what happens any time Chelsea shows up.

And then we packed.  Surprise surprise.  Packing is exhausting.  Surprise surprise.Hence why I fell asleep.

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