Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Orientation Day

Today was so good!

First, I got to go sit down and talk to Pastor Ben, the pastor of the church I went to on Sunday.  I got to ask him some questions about the church and then shared my story with him and talked about ways that I can get involved and minister to people through the church.  I'm really excited.

And then I headed straight to my orientation at NYU and learned a lot about my program and listened to the faculty speak a little bit.  We learned about several of the classes that are being offered and also heard from career services.  There were also two students there from the International Relations Association who told us about getting involved in that.  I met a girl who is from Wilmington and went to NC State!

I really like the program director, who is also my adviser.  I look forward to getting to talk to him some more tomorrow at my advisement appointment.

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