Saturday, August 16, 2014

Week One: In Pictures

Since nothing happened today except we got our cable and wifi set up and I'm about to go out with Holly for our first real Saturday night in the city, and I was laying in bed while uploading my posts from this past week and hadn't uploaded the pictures to go with them to my computer yet, here's week one of my new life in pictures.  They're mostly self-explanatory.

train station

I have arrived!

shot up Broadway

just because it's the corner of Fifth Avenue...unintentionally an apparently really awesome French restaurant

started from the bottom, now I'm here

our intersection

this plus a fridge is our "kitchen"

I'd give anything to see Idina Menzel perform

I loved this chandelier at the theater

our view at the lounge where we had drinks

me, Frank, Chad. I love them!

the view from our rooftop. not bad, huh? ;)

And now I am off to get ready for another new experience. Week one, complete!

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