Friday, August 8, 2014

In a New York State of mind...

This is the last place I know I'll have Wifi for a while, so I thought I should probably blog.

I fell asleep at 8:00 from heavy NyQuil doses, which is why I didn't blog then...I'll catch that post up eventually.

I'm sitting in the Rocky Mount train station. In a little over 3 hours, my train gets here, and in about 12.5 hours, I'll be in Manhattan's Penn Station.

I can't believe today is finally here, but it is.

Sitting in this train station by myself is kind of eerie, not gonna lie. I'll feel better once I'm on the train.

I should probably sleep on the train, but I'm not sure that I will or how much. Too excited!

Well just wanted to hop on and let any readers know why I didn't blog yesterday and let y'all know I am on my way!

Wifi will not be on in the apartment for a few days, so not sure when I will be able to blog again, but I'll update Twitter (@_callmemal and page link under bio in sidebar) sporadically.

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  1. Good luck! I hope your train ride was a smooth one -- and can't wait for an update! :)