Saturday, August 9, 2014

N! Y! C!

If I could sum today up in a word, it would be EXHAUSTING.  Today was utterly exhausting.  I got to Penn Station just after noon and took a cab to the apartment, but the cab guy got lost.  Thankfully he knew it was his fault, so he turned off his ticker and so the cab ride wasn’t as expensive as it could have been.

Thankfully for me, Mom and Holly had gotten there at about 7:00 and already had everything unloaded from the truck into the apartment and the truck returned.  I managed to sleep about 3 hours on the train, but those poor things hadn’t slept a wink.

We were so tired and so busy unpacking all day that we didn’t venture out for food.  The only place we went was this 24-hour deli that is really good and only a few buildings down from us.  We unpacked and unpacked some more, taking short breaks for food and sheer exhaustion and then crashed just before midnight.  Meaning we’d all had 36 hour days (save for my 3 hours which, with my medication, doesn’t mean as much as it would to other people).  

I was really excited and overwhelmed, but thankfully, the exhaustion outweighed that.  I slept hard and good.


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