Monday, August 25, 2014

No bueno.

I was really nervous tonight that I had pancreatitis again.  I had all the same symptoms as last time.

Plus, I had several of the same symptoms that the doc after the seizure had told me to watch out for.  So I called the hospital and talked to a doc and he told me I should come in and get checked out.

Praise the Lord that it's just some awful stomach bug, because in a city this large there's always going to be crap like that going around.  But the ER docs said it was really good that I came in because I was severely dehydrated and they had to pump me full of fluids.

So that plus sleeping a lot plus being in the bathroom a lot sums up my Monday.

Dear body, with everything that is coming up in the next week, it would be really fantastic if you would CALM THE HECK DOWN.  K thanks.

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