Sunday, September 5, 2010


This weekend has overall just been lovely.
Chelsea's not picking fights.
Mom is chill because Chelsea's not picking fights.
I can sleep in.
I'm not stressing about anything.
Mom went out and bought grouper tonight just because I said I was craving it. (And we're going to Olive Garden tomorrow! We didn't make it to Jacksonville today.)

And, of course, best of all is that I've gotten in some quality snuggle time with my Blake man. I can't help but think about how strong my love for this little baby is when he's not even mine, and how much stronger it's going to be when I'm holding my own baby. (Which makes me pray about the "ovarian disorder" my doc has warned me I might have - being a mom is the thing I want absolutely most out of life.) It's also helped me to really understand how fast time goes by. It literally feels like it was yesterday that I was sitting in English class when I got the text that Chelsea's water broke, and now he's six months old!

Okay, cut the sappyness, Mal.

Really, though, this weekend has been exactly what I needed. :) I hope yours has been just as blessed.

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