Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm back.

Well, that was a surprisingly quick ER trip.

Thank heavens I'm okay.

I've just apparently injured all the soft tissue in my right foot right around where Dr. P operated, so I'm to take pain meds and stay off it till it gets better.

I got a shot of Dilaudid and Phenergan at the hospital, but I was crying for two hours before they could give it to me because seeing as how it's late, I couldn't get up with anyone to come get me and they had to know I had a ride before they'd give me narcotics. And I understood that, but it didn't really help with how much pain I was in. And my kinda rude nurse kept saying "calm down, calm down" and finally I yelled at her "You have no idea how bad this hurts!" (I didn't mean to yell, and yes, I apologized later.)

Thankfully, a Campus Safety guy came and got me. I had no idea that was included in their job description, but apparently it is! night, huh? I've got to eat something and then I am crashing.

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