Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good and Bad

As in, it's good totally freakin' AWESOME that after three and a half months, I am cast free for good. No more scooter. No more taking twenty minutes to get in and out of the shower. No more cast cover. No more panicking about the rain.

However, the bad is that the pain was finally almost gone, and now it's back to extreme because guess what? When you don't walk on your foot for 6+ weeks, it doesn't really like doing it again. Thank heavens for pain killers and my power chair, that's all I can say. Oh, and did I mention how I scrubbed and picked the dead skin off my foot for over an hour tonight and it still looked covered in it. Hooray for lotion and baby oil.

But anyway, Dr. P said the x-rays looked fantastic, and that the issue with my left ankle is that I've overworked the tendon on the outside from only standing on and pushing on that ankle for so long. Kinda weird that it happened to my good ankle but not my bad one when I was only using it, but whatever.

I go back in a month. He wanted me back in two weeks but I begged him to let me wait till my fall break because I really can't afford to miss another day of class.

My visit was so frustrating today. Mommom and I showed up 50 minutes early, at 10:50 for my 11:40 appointment, and I still didn't get called back till 12:25. Yet about 8 people who got there way after me were called back and got through their appointment before I was even called back. You'd think they'd see people in the order they show up, but apparently not. What made it worse is that I had to listen to my grandmother sigh and whine and complain, which really got on my nerves.

We didn't get back to Campbell till 5, and since I had my 5:00 class, thankfully, Mommom and my RD Laura unloaded my stuff so I could just grab my notebook and rush to class. I was only a few minutes late, and I had called my professor earlier this afternoon about being late, so all was fine.

All right, now I must get to bed. I do have to get up at 7:30.

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