Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So much better today.

So despite getting a really, really terrible night's sleep, and forgetting to do my reading for Honors today, I feel so much better today than I did yesterday.

My guess is the lack of anxiety med all day seriously contributed to my feeling so overwhelmed. Gee, ya think?

I had a conversation with Dr. Martin, my Western Civ professor, after class today, and apparently, I've really impressed him. You know how I know? Because he said it like 5 times in a 5 minute conversation. Talk about an ego boost! :) He said that his tests, 50 multiple choice questions, are way easier than his quizzes, having to define/explain 5 terms out of anywhere between 25 and 50 pages packed full of information.

And the 2nd floor RA of my dorm, Heather, had him for both Western Civ I AND Western Civ II, and she said as long as I wrote down everything from his slides in class (which I did) and study those notes, I'll be golden. I even lucked out with a girl I can study with tomorrow! The girl who sits next to me in class is really nice, and she lives on the 3rd floor of my dorm! How awesome is that? So we're having a study session tomorrow afternoon.

Then, I talked to my Environmental Science teacher today, because the labs this week are going out to this pond to do water testing of some sort (makes sense for the class). At first I thought I wouldn't be able to go out there since I'm still in my walking boot full-time and my chair most of the time. However, he said that since people have to carpool over there anyway, whoever drives me can just drive their car right up to the picnic table area, and I can just sit there and help with the testing of the water. That'll work fine because I can walk some, and I can just leave my chair in the lab room on campus till we get back.

It's so nice not to be so upset anymore. I feel normal today. :P Must remember: Mallory, do not forget morning medicine!

As of now, I only have one project that's scaring terrifying me. That would be the 5-6 page research paper I have to do for Honors that's 50% of my entire grade. Not only am I freaked out by placing half of my grade on one paper (talk about pressure!), seeing as how the whole semester is on creationism vs. evolution and the first few chapters of Genesis, and that's basically what the paper has to be on, and I'm really not fascinated by the topic, it's going to be that much more of a pain to do this.

Let's just say, my paper is probably not going to be more than 5 pages. ;)

It's not due till October 26, but Mom said that if I can get a draft out by Fall Break, she'll proofread it for writing and content. One of the many plus sides of having an English teacher for a mom. I hope I can find the time to do it, because that would seriously help. One nice thing is that I have a friend in the class, who is also in my English class, so maybe we can do some work on this together.

Okay, this was a whole lot of rambling that probably no one cares about. I'll stop now so that on the slim chance that you've actually made it all the way down to this point, you don't get annoyed by the length of this. Good night!

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