Sunday, September 12, 2010

Write your Senators, everybody!


How is it Sunday night already?

I call for a write-in campaign to make 3-day weekends mandatory.

I need 3-day weekends to get all the homework my teachers assign done.

It's like each professor thinks that they're the only one who assigns homework, and quizzes, and tests. Because somehow all the tests manage to happen right on top of each other taking away all opportunity for you to breathe.

Case in point: French test on 10th, Western Civ test on the 16th, Religion test on the 17th, and Science test on the 21st. And trust me, my Western Civ and Science tests are going to be killer. Factor in the weekly Religion and Western Civ quizzes, and Science Lab work, and English essays, and Honors reading, and I am losing. my. mind!

Which considering we've not even been in class for a month is really kind of pathetic.

And I have to make it till October 6th before I get another break from this place.

I think a 4-day school week and 3-day weekend would save us all from a lot of added insanity.

I mean, most of y'all probably have jobs and could use an extra day to breathe, right? I can't be the first one to have thought of this.

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  1. My college only has classes 4 days a week to save money! Of course, the classes we DO have are a little longer, but it's totally worth it! I hope your school changes to 3 day weekends!