Saturday, July 31, 2010


Can't believe July is already over. 2010 is just flying by for me.

It also means that I move back into Campbell in 15 days!

And major praise: My uncle thinks Mom and I should be able to borrow his truck that day to move all my stuff. We've asked everybody we know if they had a truck we could borrow and everyone said no, so thankfully he said yes! (It's a long story, but we just really don't like asking for favors from him/my aunt.) I am so ready for school to start, it's not even funny. I just need something to do!

Oh, and I did see Matt today. :) He came over and we all just hung out and talked for almost 2 hours. That kid makes me laugh harder than pretty much anyone else I know. He's also the fastest talker I've ever met. It's so hard to keep up with him! :) Seeing him was the only remotely interesting thing about my day, so I will leave you with this.

*jazz hands!*

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