Saturday, July 3, 2010

OW. Just ow.

I woke up this morning and the space right behind my back tooth on the left side of my lower gum hurt. I figured I just had a piece of food stuck back there or something, so I tried flossing. A couple times, actually.

That just made it angry.

The pain's been getting worse all day. Now the pain is into and has spread all over my lower jaw and the bone that connects my two jaws (Fun fact: I broke that bone in 7th grade). I can't chew. I can't close my mouth. It sucks.

I got so desperate earlier today that I had my mom put some of Blake's Orajel for his teething on it. At least that gave me a few hours of numbness once I got over the nasty nasty taste. Baby Orajel, people. That's how desperate I was.

Mom says if the pain isn't better by Monday, she's calling my doctor. Because this is not. fun.

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