Friday, July 2, 2010

Man, I'm tired.

Longest day I've had in quite some time.
Got up at 10:15.
Ate a bagel and got ready.
Helped Mom with Blake.
Left at 11:45.
Met Ms. Rachel in New Bern for lunch.
Went to WalMart.
Went by the Craven County Board of Education.
Went to a colleague of my mom's house to drop off some soup for another teacher who's in Duke.
Went to Ms. Rachel's apartment and hung out for a couple hours. (I finally got to meet her daughter Hannah!)
Came back to Swansboro.
Went to Walgreens.
Picked up chicken tenders from Hardees. (Yum!)
Came home.
Ate dinner.
Watched the two World Cup games we missed.
Brazil AND Ghana knocked out in one day...can you say AWESOME?!
And I am.
Good night!

1 comment:

  1. Long day, but good day!

    By the way, Swansboro is BEAUTIFUL. I know you already know, but I've grown up vacationing in that area. It truly is a 2nd home. You are so blessed to get to live there!!!