Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So first off, I've been asked not to blog about Chelsea's situation anymore, at least for a while, which is why I went back and deleted the part of the first post with the details. I apologize, but thank you for your prayers.

Second, my primary doctor's office is so darn frustrating! Last Thursday, my surgeon's receptionist, T, gave me a piece of paper that my primary doc needed to sign saying that I was cleared for surgery. Well, when I went to the hospital for pre-op, the people there must've accidentally taken it because on Friday, when I went to get it to take it to my doctor, it wasn't there. So I called the foot doctor again and they said they'd fax over a new copy. Well, I called my primary doc on Monday and her receptionist, J, said they hadn't gotten anything. I called T again and she said she even had the confirmation code or whatever saying it had gone through. Which means that she didn't put my name on it so J threw it out. So T said if I just got my doctor to write a note saying I was physically cleared for surgery and sign it, that would do. So I called J back again and told her that. (And remember, this is all still on Monday!) I called J again today, and she still hasn't done. Like seriously, how hard is it to take two minutes to write a quick little note? I've seen my doctor working before. She has time. Even if it's right when the office closes. This is important! And it took them till the day of surgery last time to get the paper filled out. I've tried to explain to J that if I don't bring this with me to the hospital on Friday, that they will move my surgery. And she's still acting like it is no big deal! So tomorrow, I'm sicking Mom on them. ;)

Ah, sorry, that was a really long paragraph. I just had to vent.

Good news, though! My stomach is totally fine today. I don't know what was up yesterday. I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. Oh well.

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