Monday, July 19, 2010

MIRACLE on a Monday

You all know about how my mom wasn't getting paid this summer because she missed so much work being out with me last fall.
And how my grandmother has had to pay our bills...
Well, we got the most amazing surprise today.
Like, I don't remember ever having such a blatant gift from God.

Mom got a call today from a lady at our church. She asked my mom if she had ever received a check last November, because they sent us one from the Pastor's Discretionary Fund to help with my medical bills, and it never cleared the bank. Mom said she didn't remember ever getting one, and asked how much it was for.

Here's the super awesome part.  That check?  It was worth


No joke.

That will cover the bills for next month, before my mom gets a paycheck on August 31st.  Which is a huge relief to my grandmother because she's worried about her own money situation.

God is so amazing.

And you know, it was definitely not a mistake on anyone's part that we didn't get that check in November.  Not a mistake at all....


  1. **grinning from ear to ear**

    He is amazing indeed, always has been, always will be!

  2. visiting from A Place Called Simplicity. Thanks for sharing. . .Our God is good!! He so loves you and will provide for you.

  3. That's awesome! God is so faithful. Yippee Jesus! THank you for sharing!!

  4. Hi, coming over from Linny's blog too.....God's timing is always perfect! Thanks for sharing this story of how God is providing for you and blessing you faithfulness to Him...Amazing!