Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surgery tomorrow!

I never ever thought I'd be so excited about surgery. :) We have to be there at 1:30, so my surgery probably won't be till 3:30. Not being able to eat is gonna suck, but oh well, I always deal. :) They're doing everything they did last time, plus stretching my heel cord to hopefully give me some more mobility because it is super tight.

Speaking of eating, we had frog legs for dinner tonight! Oh my gosh, there's only one restaurant that I've ever had them at, and I've never seen them in a store, but my grandma found them in a seafood shop. She and I both love them. Mom thinks they're gross. ;) It was a perfect "last meal."

Oh, and that paper for my surgery I told you about? The copy T faxed did go through. J's just a jerk. Even the nurse there in the office thinks she hates most of the people that go there and likes to make things difficult for the people she knows don't like her. Makes you wonder why she's a receptionist, huh? But anyway, T faxed over another copy today and J wasn't there, thank heavens, so the nurse C got it and got my doctor to fill it out. Matt came over for a bit today, and he drove me down there to get it. I was majorly relieved about that.

So yeah...that's about it. They're doing general anesthesia this time, since I had such a problem with the sedation last time, so (hopefully) nothing should go wrong to make me have to stay over. So as long as I come home tomorrow evening, I will update then. Either way, I'll update as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for praying for me!


  1. Will be praying... one *step* closer to being fully back on your feet! :D

  2. Frog legs! I have never even heard of eating that! It must not be popular up here! Hope they were good, and good luck tomorrow.

  3. I just found your blog - praying your surgery goes well tomorrow.