Thursday, July 8, 2010


Revelation #1: If you put your foot in a cast for 7 weeks, your foot will come out with dead skin about an inch thick and toenails that could "be used as a can opener" (as my mom put it).

Talk about gross.

The good news is that with a good 40 minute soaking, a good scrub in the shower, and some baby oil, it's already almost back to normal.

Revelation #2: If you don't walk on your foot for 7 weeks, it will hurt like crazy when you finally do. Most of the pain is in my heel cord. I feel a little stupid for not expecting that. Even with this massive walking boot. And the bottom of the boot rolls on the ends, so it's very awkward.

Surgery #2 is officially set for July 23rd, which means I've got two weeks to get back to normal. Ah well, it has to be done. And I'll be under general anesthesia, instead of sedation like last time because I had such a problem with it.

It's been a long day. After my appointment, we got some Hardees chicken tenders (amazing!), went to see my Grandma Frances, stopped by Toys R Us and got this toy for Blake, and went to Sam's. Plus, my appointment was at 12:30 and we didn't even get called back till 2:00, so that sucked, but expected with him. At least I had my iPod. :)

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  1. And so the journey continues forward!! Glad you have the cast off, and have begun this new chapter... bet that soaking and scrubbing felt great after all those weeks!!

    Will be praying for the upcoming surgery!