Thursday, July 29, 2010

This cast o' mine.

This cast o' mine is driving me nuts.  It itches.  It's cut my skin. It bruises my other leg because I'm an uncoordinated klutz.  It bruises my mom when I don't think and accidentally bang her with it.  But it's helping my foot and heel cord heal, so for that I must be grateful for this cast o' mine.

My mom is actually reading my Western Civ textbook that I picked up yesterday.  And people wonder where I get my "nerdiness" from. ;)

Weird, slightly gross but funny story for ya.  My dog Heidi has been in heat.  That, of course, is driving Charlie completely nutso.  Usually, because Charlie is about 15 pounds heavier than Heidi and she's a neurotic wreck, she submits to him and lets him hump her all the time.  Well, today, Heidi was standing at the gate in the kitchen, and Charlie came up behind and tried to mount her.  Instead of just taking it, Heidi spun around and growled.  Charlie backed off, and Heidi turned back to looking out through the gate.  Charlie tried to get on her again, and again she spun around like she was going to bite his head off.  This went on and on for like 5 minutes, until Charlie finally gave up and went and laid in his kennel.  Girl power!! :)

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