Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rough day.

I let myself oversleep.
The dining hall people who are only open certain hours wouldn't unlock the doors on time.
Forgot to type up my dialogue for French.
Guy I was doing dialogue with screwed up, and I don't know if that affects my grade.
My blue highlighter somehow came uncapped and leaked all over my purse, through to the outside.
That blister on my foot is burning and a band-aid won't stay on it.
I was an idiot last night and decided to stand on my rolling desk chair to get something to copy on my printer that I can't reach, fell off it, and hurt my back.
Forgot about an essay due tomorrow till 6:00 tonight, and it took me almost 3 hours to write it.

Many lessons to be learned here, eh? Numero uno: Don't stand on things that roll!

The good news is my Government test was easier than I expected. And my Economics test tomorrow will be a piece of cake.

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