Saturday, February 13, 2010

Such a Treat

My mom really is my best friend. No, we don't have the perfect relationship, and of course we fight, but 99% of the time we get along (especially now that I'm out of the house!) smashingly. So getting to spend about 24 hours with her by myself and not in a hospital was an amazing treat. I guess God knew I was homesick and needed a pick-me-up, huh? ;)

We stayed up late talking last night, even though most of it was that we couldn't get comfortable sharing a double bed. LOL! We slept late and then got up and went to this tiny little Italian restaurant. It took us a little while to find it because my mom couldn't remember where she saw it yesterday, but when we finally did, it was so good. Then, we went to the hospital to pick up a copy of my CT scan from last week so we can take it to my ENT on Friday. After that, we went to Walmart and Mom bought some baby stuff for Chelsea's shower next weekend, and I bought a little bit of food, two magazines, a pool cue, and some chalk and tips. We put a new tip on the dorm's cue, and then played two games. Oh my! It is so much easier to make shots when the cue ball actually goes where you aim for it to because the ball won't roll off the tip. Yes, my mom won both games since she was playing with a good stick, but she didn't beat me by much! Oh, and I got Girl Scout Cookies! MMMMMMMMM.

She left at 4:30 and I've just been hanging out since. I'm currently watching The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement to pass the time.

I found out my ENT appointment is at 3:30 on Friday, and Holly is going to come pick me up and we'll meet my mom in Kinston. This means I can take my French test on time and have one less thing to make up between missing that day and the following Monday. That was good news.

I feel like I'm about to enter finals week. I have a Western Civ quiz on Monday, a Government test on Wednesday, an Economics test on Thursday, that French test on Friday, and a Western Civ test the following Monday (which I will be taking Tuesday). Crazy. I should probably be studying or reading for some of that, but I just don't want to. There is tomorrow. ;)

Stupid dryers still aren't fixed.

6 days to home!
28 days to Charlotte!


  1. I would just like to say, praise God for good days!

  2. So glad you got to spend time with your Mom!

    My Mom is my best friend aswell and our relationship got so much better after I moved out (and after she understood why I had to move out)

  3. That's awesome! So glad you got to spend some quality time with your mom.

  4. Aw so glad you got to spend some time with her! Sounds like it was a wonderful day!!!