Monday, February 8, 2010

Who am I?

I'm the girl who...

...will be loyal to the very end.
...loves with everything she has, no matter what.
...doesn't mind making a fool out of herself, if she can make people laugh.
...has big hopes and dreams for the future.
...knows that unrequited teenage love is just as real as adult, married love.
...has a major sweet tooth.
...gets embarrassed when people tell her she's amazing for all the medical stuff she's been through.
...wants to go back to Paris one day.
...has trust issues. about to become an aunt, and is so excited about it.
...likes to write stories, but often suffers from writer's block.
...loves a good political argument, as long as the other person really knows what they're talking about.
...remembers random, unimportant things.
...dreams about her future wedding, and hopes and prays she'll find her Prince Charming.
...wants to be a mom one day, because her mom has shown her what a good mom is and can be, no matter the situation.
...has a fascination with baby names.
...loves her mom more than anyone in the world.

(I got this idea from my friend Mandy's blog. Thanks, Mandy!)

1 comment:

  1. Well, you'll never, ever have to worry about having a political debate/discussion with me, ever :o)

    Love baby names too!

    I can relate to the "you're amazing because of (fill in the blank) you've been through"... Makes me uncomfortable, and worries me that I'm not pointing to Him enough... my survival was of Him, I couldn't have done it alone.