Sunday, February 28, 2010

Almost there.

Almost to a little bit of freedom! 5 days till I get to go home for my beloved Spring Break. Classes are certainly going to be crazy this week:

Monday - French vocab quiz, Western Civ quiz

Tuesday - another English essay assigned

Wednesday - another French vocab quiz, probably a Government pop quiz

Thursday - English essay due

Friday - if I don't have a Government quiz Wednesday, I will Friday

So it's gonna be a fairly busy week, but at least there are no tests. And I get to hang out with my friend Chelsea tomorrow afternoon, so that's something nice to look forward to!

Plus there's lots of good TV: Brothers & Sisters tonight, The Bachelor finale tomorrow (during which the new cast of Dancing with the Stars will be announced), The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Make It or Break It (which I will watch Tuesday afternoon online because they come on the same time as The Bachelor), The Biggest Loser Tuesday night (finally back from the Olympics hiatus), two new episodes of Law and Order SVU Wednesday (also finally back from Olympics hiatus), and Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice on Thursday. :)

Wow...writing that all makes me seem really obsessed with TV! :P

So I haven't been paying attention to the Olympics basically at all the past couple of weeks, but I really had nothing else to watch so this afternoon I turned on the US/Canada Men's Hockey gold medal game. Oh man! Talk about nail-biting. Poor Ryan Miller, to miss a save in overtime in a game like that? But major props to Zach Parise for tying up the game with 24.4 seconds left in regulation and getting us to overtime.

Anyway, it feels pretty cool that I'm already at the halfway point in the semester. Can't believe tomorrow is March 1st, but may March finally bring some warm weather!

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  1. Hopefully your week will fly by since you are so busy! And I hear ya on the warm weather thing!!