Thursday, February 11, 2010


My sinuses are burning.
This sucks.
And stupid campus doc won't give me another antibiotic.
8 days till I get to go to my ENT, whom I love.

I realized I have officially survived my first month at college. Woo hoo!

Chelsea's had a bad stomachache today, and of course my mom is out of town for a workshop tomorrow, and so she was freaking out thinking she was going into labor, and Blake wasn't moving much. And she wouldn't quit texting me about it, like she was expecting me to do something, even though my grandma was there with her, and probably still is. I know she's scared, and I just kept trying to remind her that stressing would be worse for Blake, but if she was that scared, to jsut go to the hospital, and she knows that if she really was in labor, Mom would turn around and go home. Did I mention it sucks being two and a half hours away from everything? Sorry, I'm ranting. Nobody probably even cares about this.

I got a 100 on my Econ quiz! And an A- on my first English essay! (Should've been an A, but whatever). And I've gotten a 100 on every one of my Western Civ quizzes. So I'd say grades are good right now. :)

I'm having bizarre dreams lately. And still insanely tired. all. the. time. No matter how much sleep I get.

And I apologize for being so whiny lately. I'm trying not to, but I'm just so tired of feeling like crap.

I need to do French homework.

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