Thursday, February 25, 2010


That's how many essays got an A in my English class this week.

And guess who got the only A.


*grins*  My professor started off the class with this long rant about how our essays sucked, and I was thinking "What? I liked my essay.  Mom said it was good."  Then she said that a handful of people did well, but that there was only one A.  And I thought "Oh man, I hope I at least got a B. Which should be an A because my essay was good."  Then she started talking some more and handing out the essays and when she got to me she said, "Don't hate" and pointed at me and said "only A again."  RELIEF!  Personally, I thought it should've been higher because I got an A- for content and B+ for editing, and she marked on my paper like three times.  But whatever, I was NOT about to complain! 

Finally she stopped ranting at us and let us get to proofreading the rough draft that was due today.  Afterwards, the guy who sits behind me and was in my proofreading group asked me if I had to go to the Writing Center or if I could just write like that on my own, and I told him I did it myself, and then he asked me if I could help him with his writing.  That surprised me because he's always been a jerk to me, but I said sure and gave him my cell and dorm numbers and my email.  So that was kind of cool.  I like helping people.  And I like knowing people want my help, too.  I hope that doesn't sound egotistical.... :)


  1. Congratulations! What an awesome feeling!! Nice job!

  2. I love that God is using your gift to soften that guy's heart...!!

    Way to go on that A -- so glad that you've had an awesome day, girl! And yes, it does feel good to be needed. to feel needed, and to feel as though we're helping, doesn't it? Doesn't sound egotistical at all, sounds pretty normal to me :) We're all here to help one another.