Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It is cold and I have a cold.

I went to bed last night feeling just fine health wise (just achy from work), and woke up this morning sneezing my head off and completely congested. Apparently somewhere between 2:30 am (when I finally fell asleep) and 8:00 am (when I had to get up) I was hit by a very nasty cold who arrived to seek its vengeance.

I forced myself to go to an appointment at the Student Health Center because I had to get a new prescription for my anxiety med, but that was all. I decided to skip my afternoon class, but then I remembered that class was canceled today anyway, so that worked out nicely for me. Especially because I proceeded to sleep the day away.

I woke up and ate and sat in the recliner physically unable to move for lack of energy in my muscles. I watched TV until Holly got home and she dragged me out to a bar to watch the Duke/UNC game because this is a big deal and we have such basic cable that we don't even get ESPN. It was great until we got in a fight and I left. Sisters. They're exhausting. Of course we made up later because sisters. It's what they do. And she actually apologized which is something she rarely does. So at least the night didn't end completely awful.

And then I had to stay up super late because I forgot I had to turn in a paper for my European Union class today. Lucky for me it was a super short one. But I was still up until 4 am. So oops.

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