Sunday, February 1, 2015

An Ode to Marshawn Lynch

Oh, dear Beast Mode,
You have the hearts and sympathies of the 12th Man tonight.
All the media likes to talk about
is that you won't talk to them.
But the 12th Man, we know.
We know of your skill.
We know of your heart.
We know you're called Beast Mode for a reason.
Which is why we're utterly shocked and dismayed that on the last play of the game,
with just a yard to a touchdown that would have won your team another Super Bowl,
your quarterback (who's pretty awesome himself...most of the time), well,
he threw to someone else, someone else being a guy on the other team.
You should've been it, Beast Mode.
You should've been it, because we know you would have gotten it done.
You would've saved the day.
So you have our sympathies, our sympathies on their mistake.
On their oversight of your greatness under pressure.
Maybe next time, Beast Mode.
Maybe next time the ones calling the plays will know...
They'll know that you're called Beast Mode for a reason,
and they should trust you to get it done.
Maybe they'll see what we knew in the moment.
But no matter what, you're still Beast Mode,
with your flowing hair,
and your goofy grin,
and your powerhouse build,
and your block-defying strength and agility.
And they're still the Seahawks.
We know they're your boys.
And your boys are our boys.
So we'll stand proud over a great season
and some unbelievable comeback wins.
And we'll get ready for next year
to cheer you on as loud and proud as ever.
Go get 'em, Beast Mode, and remind 'em why you earned the name.

"You don't feel in Beast Mode, it feels you." - Marshawn Lynch aka "BEAST MODE"

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