Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some notes about tonight...

The most awful manager on my staff (who did my "orientation") told me my shoes had to be black, so I've been wearing my black boots every day to work, because they're the only black shoes I have until I can get some money at the end of the month, even though they have almost no support in them. My manager tonight said that was ridiculous, and as long as they weren't obnoxiously bright no one would care, and if the first manager gave me crap tell him to talk to him because I need to go for comfort in this job. Gee, that would have been nice to know two weeks ago.

I got hit on for the first time by basically the Mexican Joey Tribbiani. That was...awkward.

A guy showed up at 11:55 (five minutes before closing) and took his sweet dang time perusing the aisles, didn't come up until like two minutes after my manager told him he needed to check out, then walked back and forth to personally check the shelf listing price of every item he bought because he didn't believe what they were ringing up as. Seriously, this was the first time in this job that I have come really close to totally bitching someone out. Especially since he knew we were closing when he walked in and asked "you guys close real soon, don't you?" and I said "yes". Gah. People. Like really, yes, we're here to serve you, but it's midnight. I want to go home!

My coworkers are awesome. The floor team helped me out big time because I was in even worse shape than usual from Friday's fall. This is only my fifth shift, and it obviously hasn't been the same crew every time, but these guys already feel like they're my friends. I really lucked out, so if it takes a while for me to get the transfer to the much closer store, I'm okay with it.

A perk of working at a Walgreens? I didn't feel like walking to get a prescription filled the past few days, so I got it filled while I waited for my shift to start.

Also awesome? Walgreens balance rewards + employee discount = dinner is way cheaper than it should be.

Thank God I don't have to work tomorrow. My legs may not stop cramping and aching before I have to go back Tuesday. I definitely was not cut out for jobs like this. I still don't see why the managers couldn't give me a stool, but whatever. If it gets bad enough, Holly has already offered to have me sic her on them. ;)

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