Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday was much less boring than Sunday and PRAISE JESUS for that.

Because, as it turns out, eight hours doesn't necessarily have to feel like eighty when you have actual customers to serve and things to do besides reorganize and recheck the same five shelves you've reorganized six times before during that same shift.

Tonight went much more quickly than Sunday did and I also held up much better than I did on Sunday which are two big things to be thankful for in this job. But I was still very ready to collapse when I got home.

I really can't wait until I have some money so I can buy some shoes with real support so I can wear something besides my boots. Work shoes have to be black so that kind of limited my options. My tennis shoes are falling apart, so I need to buy new tennis shoes anyway, so I'm just going to buy some black Skechers and hope that makes things a bit easier on my poor, weak feet. I already found the ones I want, I'm just waiting on my first (tiny little) paycheck, which is supposed to be on Friday.

And that was Tuesday. I did absolutely nothing until I had to go to work because I couldn't sleep and also, gotta give myself as much of an advantage against my body's planned revolt as possible. Y'all know, y'all know.

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