Friday, February 13, 2015

E is for Exhausting

Well, I survived a crazy 8-hour shift today.

Sis people yelled at me. So I feel like I've been officially initiated into the retail club.

We had to call the cops on one guy. I looked at my manager and said "This is such a different world than North Carolina!"

I singlehandedly survived several rushes of people, because even though there's a code to page for help when the line is too long, there were some times it took several minutes for someone to show up to help.

And most importantly, my body held up even though I was on my feet for 8 hours today as opposed to the not-quite-4.5 on Tuesday. Because of a rush, I didn't get to take my 15 until 30 minutes after I was ready to take it. When I was coming home, with every step it felt like someone was jamming the studs of a soccer cleat into the bottom of my feet. That was pleasant.

I convinced my manager to give me an extra shift, so my next day is Sunday 4-midnight. Yay for being able to go to church!

I sat in the recliner all night and watched television and slept and then stayed up super late watching the DVR with Holly. That's always entertaining.

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