Thursday, February 26, 2015

Observations from New York

Everyone thinks the place they have to be is the most important place in the world. Thus they must be first into the subway, down the street, and are completely oblivious to people trying to move past them.

Speeding down subway station stairs can cause you to fall down them and end flat on your face, which can subsequently cause little old seemingly-harmless ladies look down at you and say "That's what you get for trying to race past me" and keep moving. (Don't worry, the guy was fine.)

There are lots of smart people at NYU. Lots of them. And plenty of them are condescending.

There are also lots of very tall buildings which make for very aggravating wind tunnels so that you can not escape the hard and fast bitter cold wind in your face.

Professors are slow everywhere, not just Campbell.

Even old men from Albania know what Dumb and Dumber is.

And I really like my apartment. Really. Especially after coming home after a long day.

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