Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sister Stories and School

Last night did not end how I expected it to.  Just as I was going to bed, I saw on Holly's Facebook that Mom was at her apartment.  So I called to find out why she was there.  Michael answered Mom's phone and asked me if I'd be okay if I didn't talk to her because they were "having an in-depth conversation." (What?)  Mom then got on the phone and told me that she randomly called up her big brother from her college fraternity the other day and he invited her and her boyfriend to this wine festival in Raleigh this weekend.  Her boyfriend decided not to go, but Mom went anyway and spent the night with Holly.  They went to dinner where Holly works, where Mom spent the whole time singing at the top of her lungs with the musician that was there (because of course she did), and then they went back to Holly and Michael's apartment and got drunk.

It was funny enough listening to Mom, but then Holly asked to get on the phone.  I thought she just wanted to say hi, but then she spent the next ten minutes rambling at me.  How great it was to have Mom there, what fun they were having.  Asking me if she'd told me how proud of me she is about NYU, and when I responded that she had several times, telling me that she didn't think it was enough and that she needed to tell me again that she was really, really, really proud and oh my gosh her BABY SISTER is moving to NEW YORK CITY and do I have any idea how jealous she is? (About as jealous as I would be if I were in her shoes.)  And then about how mad she is at herself for wasting so many years out of school.  I couldn't stop laughing because I've never been around or talked to her when she was drunk before.  And then, the most hilarious part of all was when she started apologizing to me for how awful she treated me when I was little (I'm talking, like, ages 7-10 little).  It was so funny because a) I have absolutely no idea where that came from and b) I'm pretty sure that's the first time she's ever apologized for that and c) she was apologizing for stuff that happened over a decade ago.  It was gold.  I was crying from laughter by the time I got off the phone.  I can't wait to see her next weekend!

Today was spent mostly in bed because I couldn't see straight thanks to my stupid head.  I'm going to call on Monday since I haven't heard from my eye doctor's surgery coordinator that she has a date for me yet, and she should by now.  I'm praying that whatever is going on with my eyes is what has my headache in such bad shape and totally unresponsive to anything, because it's been more than 18 months of constant pain that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and I am so. tired.

Once I did manage to get up, I did what I normally do on Saturday nights: laundry, shave/shower/pluck my eyebrows, and homework.  I live an exciting life.  I just keep thinking that the end is in sight, and my life will be so much less complicated once I turn this Seminar paper in on Thursday.

Okay, back to try to get a bit more written before I give up and go to bed so I can be rested for church in the morning.

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