Friday, April 11, 2014

First World Problems

One thing I definitely will not miss is Campbell's internet problems.

The internet was out for hours tonight.  I was so desperate to try and get some work done that I actually went all the way to the library (which, believe it or not, I never do) and the internet was even out there.

Yes, I know internet outages happen everywhere, including universities, but this happens all the time here.  Like every couple of weeks.  And even when it's not out, there's always something going on with it.

It's stupid, and a total first world problem, but it's aggravating, especially two weeks before finals when work loads get even crazier.

I finally fell asleep for a few hours at like 9:00 (which also never happens, haha), and thankfully when I woke up, it was back on.  Because I was genuinely stressed out about how long it would take them to fix it this time, and with my giant Seminar paper due on Thursday, I would be in serious danger if I lost a whole weekend of work time.  Sleep was the only way to get me to calm down.

Tonight, I'm going to get my last two French transcriptions for the semester done, and then go back to sleep.  Tomorrow begins the heavy-duty dive back into the world of the UN.

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