Saturday, April 26, 2014

I hate heartbreak.

I hate breakups.

I hate good people hurting.

I hate two people wanting to be together and knowing they can't be.

I hate getting played.

I hate memories haunting the already distraught.

I hate vague words.

I hate social media taunting with what could be.

I hate disappearing acts.

I hate letdowns.

I hate flat out lies.

I hate being blindsided.

I hate the sting.

I hate the lump in your throat that just won't go away.

I hate the switch permanently stuck in the on position.

I hate getting hurt by someone who never meant to hurt you.

I hate getting hurt by someone who totally meant to hurt you.

I hate dark nights that seem suffocating.

I hate loneliness that hits you like a never-ending tsunami.

I hate broken promises.

I hate shattered dreams.

I hate crying until your whole body aches, and you can't catch your breath, and you wonder if it will ever stop.

I hate learning you were wrong.

I hate realizing that what you thought was true never actually existed.

I hate the regret of mistakes.

I hate the regret of things you know you shouldn't regret.

I hate the self-doubt that comes with the ache.

I hate heartbreak.

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