Friday, April 25, 2014

Good Things

Charlie had to get put down today.  So needless to say, today is not exactly my favorite day, for that, this terrible pain, and a couple other reasons that I don't want to get into.  

So in order to make myself smile, I want to talk about today's two highlights.

Oh Clayton. One of the wisest, smartest, funniest, kindest, most unashamedly unique people I've ever met.  Today was the last Friday lunch of our tradition, and I will miss it.  But I am comforted by the fact that we have promised each other that this will not be the end of our friendship.  I know this friendship will be able to surpass the distance.

And there are SO many good memories to smile about.  All of Reformation, for starters. :)  Smiles. Laughter. Funny voices. Prayer. Advice. Stories of our pasts. Confession of struggles. Wisdom. Theology lessons. Life lessons. Dreaming about the future. Relay jail. Food. Pictures. So many hugs. "I love you"s.

I can say with all certainty that this is one of the true, loyal, in-good-times-and-in-bad friendships that we heard about at the Baccalaureate Service. When Clayton blessed the food at lunch today, he thanked God for crossing our paths and allowing us to become friends, and I feel the exact same way.

Advice for you from us: "Normal is overrated.  Normal is boring.  I don't have time for normal. You should try it." :D

This is Taylor.  One of my favorite things about the college experience has been the friends I've that I just instantly clicked with.  We didn't have to try to get close, we just met and dove straight into each other's lives.  This girl is one of those friends.  I'm so thankful.

Despite the fact that we've only known each other for a few weeks (which is hilarious since she lives across the hall and one room down), we can talk about anything like we've known each other for years.  I'm thankful that she trusts me enough to let me in and help her with what she's going through, and talking to her has been really therapeutic for me at times, as well.

These two definitely put smiles on my face in the middle of a rough day.  They are the good things about today.  And for that I am thankful.

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