Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Banquet Day in Pictures

Because I'm too tired to write much.

celebratory selfie for finishing 3 semesters of French tutoring!

I'm graduating in 17 days and Campbell apparently thinks I'm a Spanish major...awkward.

thankfully the certificate was right

award numero dos!

Dr Jones edited my program for me, since they had it wrong there, too

Jones selfies!  We were cracking each other up all night making cracks about how long it went on.

Dr Jones is awesome. And British. So basically doubly awesome.

Triple Time!  Aka Ethan ;) the men's goalie.

sunset over Butler Chapel on the way to the awesome Baccalaureate Service. the sermon focused on the importance of friendship and the friendships you make in the Campbell family...made this sentimental girl get a lump in her throat

Pam! French buddies!

Mark! Political Science buddies. one of my favorite people to debate.

me with the awards to show to my friends far away

numero dos

the shirt was a tad snug, but I still felt super pretty. and these shoes were not nearly as torturous as some other options...hence why I wore this shirt anyway. :)

The End
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