Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Tuesday Brain Dump

So my plans for a restful night of sleep last night were thwarted when I found out that Holly's boyfriend Michael was missing.

Don't worry, he's fine.  But I care about the guy, and he'd been missing for hours at a secluded golf course, so it was kind of freaky.  He was with some guys on a golf retreat, and ended up apparently getting really drunk and wandering into a stranger's suite and passed out on a couch for 7 hours.  I felt really bad for Holly, she isn't at the retreat and was totally freaked and so I tried to distract her with Words with Friends the best I could.

Speaking of Words with Friends, this girl could barely spell in high school and is beating me!  I've lost maybe 10 games in a year and a half.  Bruised ego.  :-p

Mom went to go fill out all the paperwork for her new job today, hoping she'd get to sign the contract and officially resign from the school she hates so much, but the lady at the new school's county office forgot to tell her she needs a drug test.  Go figure.  It'll happen, though.  Just a bunch of technicalities getting in the way.

So while she was out all day doing that, Mommom took Chelsea and I (and Blake, of course) to run a bunch of errands.  Chelsea had to go get a physical, drop paperwork off at the eye doctor, and drop her computer off at a repair store, and I only had to go to the post office but it's easier to keep Blake entertained in a car than in the house.  I love shipping books off to people.  I love giving gifts in general. :)

And then I came home and slept for almost six hours because my head was pounding.

Oh, and something I learned today: Amazon has spectacular customer service.  I got an email saying my books from BooMama and BigMama were "guaranteed" to be delivered today and they weren't, so the lady I talked to gave me a $10 promotion to my account, sent me an apology email and is contacting the shipper tomorrow to figure out where they are, because the tracking says they were sent out for delivery at 8:50 this morning so they should have gotten to my house, and then she's going to call me.  I said I wasn't going to buy any more books because I've been going a bit nuts, but with that $10, I was able to get the book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers for $1.79.   It's a retelling of the story of Gomer and Hosea, which was talked about at the purity conference I went to in April at church so I've been interested in it, and it's come highly recommended, so I couldn't pass a steal like that up!  So yeah, I already loved Amazon, but after this fantastic customer service, I'm definitely not going anywhere.

Oh yeah, and I gave my mom a foot massage tonight.  She has bad neuropathy in her feet from some of the heart meds she takes so they burn a lot, especially when she's on them all day like she was today.  I hate lotion, and I hate feet, but I love her.

I might actually crack open my GRE prep book tonight.  Maybe.  Or I might read Mended instead.  Decisions, decisions. ;)

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