Sunday, July 14, 2013


This quote, from the very end of Angie Smith's "Mended", sums up my goal for my life better than just about anything I've ever seen.

Now go and tell the story of a love so beautiful that it broke in order for you to be rebuilt.  In His great, powerful mercy, He wants this for you.  He doesn't want you to be a woman who is limping through life with a bruised heart, but rather, one whose eyes are lit with the anticipation of Him.  It won't be perfect.  I've given up on that.  And not a moment too soon.  What it will be is the feeble offering of a woman who has been spectacularly ruined by a love she can't understand.  A woman who never thought she could be anything but a mess.  A woman who learned the truth behind the sparkling eyes and the gentle love that desires her to be, well...mended.

I want to tell people about my brokenness because in doing that, I can show them the One who put me back together.

I want to tell people it's okay if God's unconditional love doesn't make sense to them because it doesn't make sense to me, either.

Mostly, I want to tell them how much brighter and richer my life becomes every time I stop beating myself u for not getting things perfect.

He rescues me every day from the traps that lie waiting for me.  It is because of Him that I haven't totally lost my way all over again.

He saved me then, and He saves me now.  I want to show people the kind of healing He has brought into my life, if only so I can tell them He can do the same thing in theirs.

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