Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm so ready for August.

I went to work with Mom again today.  The good news is the day was more cleaning and organizing than moving stuff because we're both still sore from yesterday.  The bad news is that the cleaning involved really disgusting furniture which means I have had breathing trouble the rest of the day.

But also, we ended like an hour before I expected us to because a few of her colleagues were going out to lunch which means I got to eat a gigantic plate of delicious nachos.  Mom's best friend Rachel is taking me to Duke for my Botox on the 15th, so they were all asking about it, and I said the doc told me there's a chance it could work immediately, or it could take a couple treatments, which are once every three months.  And Rachel said emphatically, "No.  It's going to work IMMEDIATELY.  That's what I'm writing in my prayer book."  I love it when I hear people so confident in their faith like that; it's a great reminder.

Then I went to my orthodontist appointment, and for the first time, everything is pretty much perfect, so, provided that nothing happens, I don't have to go back until next summer.  Which, by then, I'll be a college graduate, so my doctor told me to bring my diplomas so he can take a picture and hang it on their wall and have their own little "graduation" for me.  It's funny and rather fitting since I've been seeing him since I was 6.  Even funnier and better was that he said that if I send him a graduation notice, he'll have a present for me, and an "extra special one" at that since I'm getting two degrees.  MY ORTHODONTIST is celebrating my college graduation.  I find that hilarious and so awesome.  I love that man.

Then we went to Staples where I got almost all of my school supplies off of money Mom owed me anyway.  God bless the cashier lady who let us break the rules for their "buy $5 of stuff and get up to 10 folders for a penny a piece" promotion and let us pay for my $130 of stuff in $5 increments so Mom could get all the folders she needed and didn't have to scare any more strangers in Staples by asking them to buy some for her. :)  Her new school is in a really impoverished county, so she is buying all these folders for her kids so they don't have to worry about it. they'll each have a class folder and a journal folder.  And I mean seriously, I think the woman got like 200 folders, and paid $2 total for them.  She's set for the whole school year.  You have to latch on to a deal like that when you see it.

We also paid the eye care center so they could send out the order for my new prescription and I can hopefully get both of my glasses fixed before I leave for school.  And we went by the bank to deposit more of the money Mom owed me so I could get my account out of overdraw because stupid me forgot to cancel my Amazon Prime before the free trial ran out.  At least the $79 is being refunded since I didn't use it after the free trial ran out.  I still had the stupid $35 overdraft fee, though.  We also picked up the dogs from the groomer and thank God they got a bath because they smelled awful.

Then we came home and I unloaded all my stuff from Staples and Mom, Chelsea, and Blake headed for another psychiatric appointment in Jacksonville.  So I had the house to myself for a few hours.  I didn't get much sleep last night, so I was trying to stay awake in order to sleep well tonight, but that didn't happen.  I woke up when Mom called and told me they were about to arrive with $350 of groceries.  Yay payday.

The good news is my allergies are such a mess that I had to take some NyQuil, and my body aches so bad that I took a muscle relaxer, plus I have my regular sleeping pill.  Judging by the way I feel right now, I don't think sleeping will be a problem, despite my nap earlier.  Here's hoping I didn't just jinx myself.

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  1. Despite the exhaustion you've experienced with your move and allergy attack, this day still wound up to be a memorable one because of your graduation. It’s also a plus that you received some good news from your ortho. And speaking of which, it was sweet of him to give you a present to your graduation!

    Silvia Ballard @ Kelleher Ortho