Saturday, July 20, 2013

This is when I start smacking myself.

As opposed to yesterday, when I just wanted to smack myself for being so stupid as to not see that major meltdown coming, today I am actually smacking myself so I can stay awake for this last load of laundry to dry.  It has been a very, very long day.

Despite my efforts, I still cannot get a solid night's sleep.  Waking up every 2-3 hours like an infant,my head throbbing the entire time.  I was so tired last night and didn't get in bed until almost 2, so I thought I would be able to sleep until at least 11.  Nope, I woke up for good at 9:45.  My head was in really, really bad shape, so I had to take one of these pills called Naproxen that is so powerful if you take it more than 2 or 3 times a week, it will literally eat a hole in your stomach, and normally those knock me out for a good 6 hours.  Except this time I didn't get to sleep it off because I needed to eat and then Blake came in my room.

Mom is injured, so I basically did all of the taking care of Blake today, on top of picking up some of the house, taking out all the trash and recycling, and all the laundry, and trying to get some studying in in there.  All in a drug-induced fog.

The good news about the studying is that I got through all of the math section up to the 120-question practice test, and the concepts are, like, stupid easy.  Like this stuff is algebra and geometry that I was doing in middle school and early high school.  So like the ages of 11-13.  I'm definitely going to have to work on the verbal section a lot more than I will the math.

I was watching Glee earlier while waiting for a load to finish drying, and I legit started tearing up at the sight of Cory Monteith.  That has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of my day or anything I'm saying here, but his death is the first celeb death in quite some time that has really moved me.  Glee, as cheesy and faulty as it is, is one of my favorite shows, and it will not be the same without him.

Anyway, yeah, I'm getting this blog out of the way really early (at least for me) because as soon as this load is done, I am sorting it into individual piles, delivering them, and folding my stuff (normally I fold everyone's, but Mom is so particular about her clothes and plus I'm just too tired) as quickly as possible and collapsing into bed.

Hopefully tomorrow I won't wake up an hour before my alarm.  Also hopefully I won't wake up every 3 hours tonight.  I just want some solid sleep.  Is that so much to ask?

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